If any moment could last forever, let it be this one...

You see this? Its a piece of ice and one week ago it was a snowman.

My snowman.

Yesterday afternoon - seven days later as I drove home I had to wonder

how my snowman would look - would there be a puddle of water,

would there be no sign of it ever having been there? 

Just thinking about my hombre de hielo made me smile.

As I drove around the bend I could see something white on the lawn.

To my biggest surprise it was a lump of ice.

I immediately ran over to get a closer look - and instantly I was back to last

Thursday when we had our historic snowfall record 12.5 inches!

You can't imagine the feeling of joy this simple lump of ice brought me.

I looked all around and nowhere could one see, even a small reminder

of the beautiful snowfall we had last week.

I had to take a picture of the neighborhood like I had last week during the snow...

and this picture I took last week - seven days ago to be exact!

And one more picture of my very first "hombre de hielo" - my snowman...

The older I get the more I  realize that it doesn't take a lot to make one HAPPY. 

Eventhough HAPPINESS may not be a feeling that permenantly resides inside us,

memories are very important in keeping HAPPINESS there.

Without memories you may not have the spark that brings that HAPPY

moment to life in us...without memories it's harder to feel it...

and much harder to enjoy it.

So take the best out of each experience - make more out of each of your 

memories and make them HAPPY MEMORIES.

Make it a great dia!

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