Never say you can't, say instead that you'll try...

LIFE always offers us CHOICES... but we need to QUIT second guessing ourselves!

If we doubt ourselves - we're bound to end up making (the negative) come true.


Quit asking the "what ifs"... you know the "what if I can’t do it?"... "what if I am wrong?"...

"what if I fail?"

Over the years one thing I've seen work and believe in, is the POWER of VISUALIZATION.

Never be afraid to make a different CHOICE, start by giving new possibilities a try,

and let them unfold... see what happens.

If you do, in the end only one of two things can happen:

If it doesn't work out, consider it another lesson we've learned.

If it does work, just think how great we'll feel.

We all have that ONE OTHER CHOICE... will you choose to do

something different today?

Make it a different kind of dia!

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