She still sends me gifts...

I received a beautiful gift from my Viejita in the mail this past week.

Wrapped in soft tissue inside a plain white envelope was a beautiful medallion

– on one side was the image of the “Virgen of Guadalupe” the patron saint

of Mexico and on the other side was a beautiful image of Christ’s head.

The gold medallion was beautifully crafted with tiny roses surrounding its edges.

My sister said she had found it along with forty-six dollars under the mattress

that my Viejita had slept on for many years. The envelope had my name

scribbled in my Viejita’s shaky cursive… all it said was “Para mi Viejito”

or for my little old man.

It was a playful dialogue we shared – I have been calling her “My little old woman”

or “Mi Viejita” ever since I can remember.

She thought it was funny and decided a long time ago to respond to me in kind.

My sister wrote that she thought of keeping it but then thought better of it

– she joked that she didn’t want our Viejita coming to haunt her or something.

So even though this special gift brought tears of sadness, it also made me smile.

I miss her dearly - no one ever really quits grieving a loved one's passing.

The only solace I have is knowing where she must be and how one day I'll see her again.

I don't want to discuss religion on my blog, so these are only my personal observations.

Have you ever wondered what happens to us after death?

How does the world as we know it look - how does it really end?

The bible uses apocalyptic language of darkness, tribulation and fiery skies.

Is it describing the possible reality?

There are some who respond with fatalism, responding without faith,

where one trudges through life barely surviving each day.

How terrifyingly sad that must be.

We all know that on this journey, everything has an expiration date…

everything comes to an end and everything must pass.

Yet one thing I believe in and I feel remains is the promise of an eternal life.

I am grateful that my Viejita raised us to believe that there was something

beyond the apocalyptic chaos and destruction.

I am grateful that I believe that there’s something eternal that awaits us.

And these beliefs which I hold hallowed, are not just words

or some anonymous voices, but what’s been a life long amorous dialogue

between my Creator and I.

A dialogue that reaches its peak in my relationship with HIM.

A belief that HIS words are made real.

Words of agape love, faith, hope, charity, and grace and which together

express a wish… of one day joining with HIM in paradise.

HIS promise is stronger than any destruction, for like it reads…

"Whoever believes in me will live even if he dies.

My word is word of an eternal life."

Gracias Viejita!

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