Sing even during your darkest of times...

"Hope is like a bird that senses the dawn and carefully starts to sing while it is still dark."
- Anonymous

I have several that come to both my front and back yards each dawn,

and help me welcome the day.

You can't imagine just how inspirational they are to hear.

These tiny beautiful creatures, awaken each day with the certainty that their

sunshine will soon be there.

What a powerful message of HOPE - knowing that we too can sing in the darkness

of any situation...  knowing with all certainty that a new dawn is near.

Another tragic natural disaster has hit. An 8.8-magnitude earthquake hit

south of Chile's capital early Saturday morning, triggering tsunami warnings

across the Pacific and rattling buildings throughout South America.

By midday yesterday 122 deaths had been reported and the death toll

was rising quickly.

Make it a HOPEFUL dia and keep our amigos from Chile

in your thoughts and prayers.
¡Fuerza Chile!"

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