Today I will change one thing...

I've found that one of the easiest ways to embark on a journey towards change,

is to add slight nuances to our daily routine.

I suggest you begin at the top of the morning – start by waking up just

15 minutes earlier then you usually do. 

I read that our minds need time to re-engage LIFE after hours of sleep

- and all it takes is a few minutes of silent reflection.

I always try and begin the day with a SMILE. 

No matter what happened before I went to bed, I want to make sure that

I wake up with a SMILE.

I begin my day in as POSITIVE of mood as possible.

By a simple SMILE I am setting my expectation's for the day.

My POSITIVE mood can guarantee that it will improve not only my day,

but someone else's day that I will come in contact with as well.

I work to intentionally create an experience that will stick out and is memorable.

Typically I share something I’ve read or a personal funny moment or story.

By planning ahead for expected moments of laughter

– I am introducing moments of HAPPINESS into my day and everyone else’s.

Laughter and HAPPINESS are contagious!

I also make sure that I make time to give thanks.

GRATITUDE improves our outlook on LIFE and helps us appreciate

all these POSITIVE moments.

As I walk out the door I give thanks for another great dia

– I tell myself that I am GRATEFUL for the career that I have, 

and colleagues I enjoy being with.

I also remind myself of just how GRATEFUL I am for the opportunity

to make a small difference!

"ÒMen anpil chay pa lou,Ó" in Haitian...

"Many hands lighten the load."

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