What channels are you listening to?

I was running an errand yesterday and as I drove I accidentally tuned

my radio to a country-western music channel. 

No offense but the only country western music I've ever listened to is

the great Gene Autry, Lester Flatt or even the Merl Haggard types...  

but then again what type of music did I expect to hear on a country western

radio channel - hip hop?

Funny how we know exactly what we will hear when we tune to certain stations

or press any one of our radio's presets.

As I drove on I changed the channel and was now enjoying one of my favorite 

Sunday radio programs. It's called "Car Talk" and the hosts

are Click and Clack - the Tappett brothers on NPR. 

It is a very funny and entertaining show by two brothers in real life,

Tom and Ray Magliozzi that deals with the program listeners' unusual

car repair problems.  

I started thinking about what I had just done to change what I was listening to,

feeling, sensing and more important now enjoying. 

I realized that when it comes to LIFE, we are often puzzled as to why we fail

to pay attention to our own emotional presets.

When we allow ourselves to tune-in to certain presets, our thoughts,

and feelings can’t help but respond to that particular frequency.

So much like the radio - if we don’t like that particular “channel”,

all we have to do is to change the station.

Easy enough one would think?

My advise is to erase your sad, depressing, guilty, angry, frustrating channels…

or whatever you don’t want as your “presets”… and replace with more uplifting,

joyous and happier ones.

Every moment is a new moment and it’s never too late to make a permenant

change to our presets.

Make it great dia!

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