What are your choices?

Funny how LIFE is filled with choices.

Everything we do from the moment we wake up and up until the moment

we put our head on our pillow.

Some choices come natural and we may not even consider them as decisions.

Yet decisions are the result of the choices we make.

In earlier blogs I ‘ve written about getting rid of all of our fear-based decisions.

Lately life has been such for me, that I have really had to pray and meditate 

on the very same. 

We all make conscious choices related to our basic needs. . . .

What area of town we want to live?

Where we park our cars when we’re at the mall in a huge parking lot.

When to go to sleep.

How to spend our money.

Yes, we’re constantly making choices.

Even in our relationships. . .

Should we begin one, remain in one, or should we leave one altogether?

We are always making choices about where, when and how much

to give of ourselves, emotionally and physically.

We also make choices related to have we choose to make a living,

and how we choose to live.

These lifestyle choices we tend to make both consciously or unconsciously. . .

Like how to best balance our personal life with our professional one. 

Are our jobs more in tune with our life’s purpose?

Whether we're ready to give up the day to day rat race and it's struggles.

How we can best bring happiness into more aspects of our lives.

My Viejita reminded us that we had been put on our earthly journeys

to realize a greater purpose.

That we were not here by accident!

She also believed that we were not here solely to accumulate more stuff -

probably she meant generating wealth.

What we are here thought is to live fuller more complete lives.

That no matter what we believe our purpose is, we must work to achieve

it to the greatest degree possible.

More and more I am coming to the realization that in order to be happier,

we must live a life that is in harmony with our life’s purpose. 

To miss that and we will never be as happy as we were meant to be.

As we choose to live a higher level of enlightenment - LOVE and PEACE

will begin to integrate deeper into the very thread of our existence.

We must however; always try and keep fear and even greed at bay. 

We must not allow them to manipulate us into accumulating unnecessary

material possessions.

We’ll find that we can live a happier and more fulfilled existence, when we begin

to trust that we are providing for our basic needs already.

With religious celebrations upon us we all begin to think more about the unique

choices we've made about our relationship to our Higher Power.

By choosing to become more aware of our Higher Power and how we choose

to honor that relationship - we become more spiritually and are far more

connected to others.

The choices that we make with the intent to serve the highest good of all concerned,

will have a much profound and purposeful quality.

Choices far different from ones made from fear or greed.

By making more PURPOSEFUL CHOICES today, we can expect to have

a better journey…

A much HAPPIER one and one where we can expect to live

a more complete LIFE.

Make it a great dia!

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