Heaven cleansing its treasures...

It’s been steadily raining this morning – I love the rain.

It's symbolic of our soul's cathartic cleansing.

My Viejita would say that it was heaven’s way of cleaning their treasures on earth.

Maybe that is why rain has always reminded me of tear drops.

In my life’s experiences, tears have always cleansed my spirit,

and my washed away my heartache.

It's an emotion release whose one primary purpose is to restore

our wounded soul to a cleansed and unburdened one.

As the rain continues to fall outside my window, it reminds me that some of us

have more pain than others and some of us may need to cry a bit longer. 

Though some of us may have more pain than others inside, it may take a few more

tears to be completely cleansed.

Remember it's only a matter of time before we welcome PEACE in our hearts. 

A PEACE that will replace our heartache and replenish our tears.

Do not embrace your pain too long or cling to your tears.

We must never forsake PEACE, for JOY is soon to follow.

So when do we know it's time to move on with our lives and stop crying?

When we are ready to replace our heartache for an unburdened heart,

a heart filled with JOY. 

When we're ready to fully open our hearts to receive LOVE...  

in all its many wonderful forms.

Make it a great dia!

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