Heaven was missing an angel...

A dear friend and collegue said her goodbye to her four month unborn child yesterday.

Words can’t bring you solace, but be comforted in knowing that God will

forever cradle and care for your little boy. 

Your baby boy will never know loneliness, pain or sadness.

Instead, he will forever experience things far beyond our imagination in a place

continually filled with joy, peace and music.

As you grieve – know that you are not alone.

Your family and friends are with you and are praying for your comfort,

and solace and a new unburdened heart.

As you grieve - you will never forget your baby boy no matter how painful

the memories are.

As you grieve - you will at times yearn to be with your baby but cannot

conceive leaving your living loving family.

As you grieve - you will only have a part of your heart as the rest of it will

be buried with him.

As you grieve - you will beg for relief from the memories which plague you,

and then feel guilty when you finally get it.

As you grieve - you will pretend to be happy and enjoying life when you really

feel like dying inside.

As you grieve - you will cry or laugh at the drop of a hat whenever you remember

your beloved little boy.

As you grieve - you will feel the loss of your son like it was yesterday,

no matter how much time has passed.

As you grieve - you will hold the life of your little boy as the most precious gift

you had no matter how long his earthly time was.

As you grieve – one day will come when solace and peaceful serenity embraces

you with the same quilt that will forever embrace your little boy.

Dearest friends grieve you must, but know that solace and comfort will also come.

Unburden your pain, unburden your breaking heart – let God and let go.

Let Faith and the love that surrounds you be the staff to lean on

as you continue your journey.

Take care, we are all there for you.

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