Inner PAZ - you deserve it!

The weather was beautiful this weekend and made for a wonderful weekend.

I spent time with my loved ones.

We ended up at the Farmer's market and bought more vegetables and fruits

then we probably should have.

Thank God for friends and family and how blessed we are to have them in our lives.

Even when facing life stresses and challenges... how blessed we are to have 

Peace in our lives. 


That precious spiritual commodity, that inner PEACE; that brings us serenity

upon awakening, harmony in our family, emotional balance even when life

is challenging and even gives us the ability to remain undisturbed and in control

through difficult and unpleasant situations.

Inner PEACE I've found is important not only when things are going well and smoothly,

but in times of trouble and difficulty.

Inner PEACE has always helpled me overcomes anxiety, fear, worry, stress,

and different degrees of unhappiness.

Inner PEACE is a wonderful state of emotional being and one that gives

us mental poise, nourishes our happiness, builds our confidence and our stills,

and strengthens our inner core.

Today think PEACE, create an affirmation of PEACE...

" The world is a peaceful, Loving and enjoyable place to live,

I have a peaceful and calming heart and soul ." 

Do visualize PEACE, and spend a moment praying and meditate for PEACE.

We can touch all those that are waging war against another.

Make this dia, one where you attain all the inner PEACE you deserve.

PAZ everyone!

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