Magical March snowfall...

Winter has always been my favorite season.

I admire its simplistic beauty.

I love standing out in the snow when it is softly falling and feel it fall upon my face.

I like catching snowflakes on my tongue.

What an amazing surprise to wake up this Sunday morning to a gentle snow fall.

There is snow everywhere… on the ground, on the trees, on fence lines,

on roof tops and on all the cars.

Kids probably wish it was a school day – but even if it’s Sunday it is a Snow day.

A time to smile, laugh and be happy! To me it’s a time to sit back,

and enjoy a warm cup of tea and do nothing.

Thank you Snow, I am grateful for this relaxing and beautiful site!

Snow really is magical.

If you remember your chemistry science - each snowflake is unique.

Every one of them is a slice of a six-sided hexagonal crystal shaped

high up in the clouds.

Snow is magic.

The snow has blanketed each branch and new spring bud of each tree and shrub.

It is almost as if the heavens decided to reshape everything on earth.

Making everything picturesque and round, while softening the shapes of nature

with its sweeping snow fall.

I am quietly sitting here gazing at the snow as it lays there majestically covering it all.

What a wonderous sght, that today I am thoroughly enjoying...

SNOW - I’ve tasted it and am savoring it… I’ve played with it and played in it.

I love snow and today I am grateful for it.

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