Viejita, I've missed you today...

Viejita, let me feel…  you being reborn in me and in my soul.

Viejita, today let me grab onto you…  to that old red apron,

as I so many times did in my childhood.

Viejita, let me be a shoulder for you to lean on…  to take all the weight away

that used to burden you.

Viejita, let me be the red dirt, on land that we once lived on…  to permanently bury

whatever troubled you.

Viejita, let me be an artist…  to draw a permanent smile on your face,

and erase with a single brush stroke - all your past sorrows and the grief.

Viejita, let me be a song…  to embrace your love in the sweetness of beautiful music,

and rock you to the cadence of a ballad forever erasing all the sadness of your soul.

Viejita, let me be a morning dove…  to carry you upon my wings and take you

to a peaceful meadow far away.

Viejita, let me be close to you again… and kiss the sweetness of your face.

Viejita, let me remember forever your love and humorous ways.

Viejita, let me remember...  all my treasured memories of my childhood.. forever.

Viejita... this morning I awake and find myself missing you.

Buenos dias, Viejita. I loved you.

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