It's a new month and with it come more experiences and new challlenges.

Life has a way of challenging us.

Most of our difficulties are caused by our own expectations

 – when things do not turn out the way we hoped.

Maybe they are also helped along by the big obstacles and small stumbling

blocks that materialize in our paths at times.

No matter what the challenge may be, it always helps to know we have someone

in our corner.

I have been blessed to have people in my life who have always been there

for me and whose advice and insight has been beneficial.

There is no greater blessing in life than knowing we can count on at least

one person to stand up and say, "I believe in you!"

Someone that conveys their support, enthusiasm and confidence in us especially

when we could really use it.

Fortunately life also has a way of sending us people, that show up unannounced

to nurture us when we most need it.

They come to share a smile, a small moment of happiness, optimistic expressions

of hope or the warmth that only another’s heart can bring.

You too can brighten someone’s soul; but don’t wait for a difficult time to be there,

rather show your support in an unexpected moment.

Whatever tomorrow might hold, a new dawn always awaits on the horizon.

Be that sunrise, that someone who cares enough to believe in someone.

I believe we all were put on earth to serve a bigger purpose…

and to be here for each other in one way or another.

Sent here for those times in life, when a little motivation and understanding

will go a long way toward turning the day around for someone.

Here for those times when someone in our life has forgotten how special they

are to us and the world.



and always be ENCOURAGING!

Life is challenging... communicate what's in your heart NOW.

Make it a great dia!

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