A moment in time experience...

I was up late last night listening to some old pop music – songs I had

not heard by Engelbert Humperdinck.

I really enjoyed “Love the world” but “This moment in time” song made me think

about one “moment in time” experience I recently had.

I think we all have experienced our own "moment in time" moments.

Moments that are so profound, that they are literally burned into our memories forever.

A special moment or one special event we’ve shared with someone.

My “moment in time” experience was an act of kindness bestowed to me

by a dear friend.

It marked a time in my life where its sole affect made me oblivious

to the world around me.

My "moment” was indeed very special.

I can honestly say that I was shown unconditional love.

I will forever share a special connection to my dear friend

– who showed incredible kindness and gifted me with an unconditional act of love.

I will always have this "moment in time" experience stored in my memory.

A place I can escape to and relive the emotion.

It was indeed a very special gift of kindness.

More importantly it is a gift that I intend to “gift” forward one day.

What is your “moment in time” experience?

Make it a great dia!

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