How often do you give thanks?

How often do you give thanks?

Do you ever thank God for taking the time to listen to you?

I begin each day by thanking my God for just waking up each morning to enjoy a new day.

Quite often the more positive a start you create the more positive kind of day you will also enjoy.

Also don’t just thank God for being there through your successes… be mindful that He is also there for you through life's ups and downs.

Thank Him for wiping your pain and any occasional tear.

Thank Him when you have a broken heart.

Remember to thank Him for helping you keep it together and not let you fall apart.

It is important to thank Him for taking the time to listen and care.

Thank Him for hearing your call when life puts you through trials and tribulations.

Thank Him for bringing out the very best in you.

Thank Him every time you can’t find your way back, or stray off the path.

Thank Him for each gift – large or small.

Thank Him for more opportunities to love your loved ones.

Thank Him for your good health and sound mind.

Thank Him for a kinder spirit.

Thank Him for a more caring soul.

Thank Him for your happiness.

Thank Him for your security.

Thank Him for your peace of mind.

Thank Him for a more generous heart.

Thank Him for your earthly journey.

Yes thank Him for every blessing filled moment.


Make it a great dia! 

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