Inspiring leadership.

I read somewhere that "Motivation is when you take hold of an idea. Inspiration is when the idea takes a hold of you."

I have to admit I have lived a great life. One spent over a 30 year span in servant leadership positions.

A life blessed with many great "people" opportunities and experiences.

From leading troops and I mean the military kind, government employees, young students, sales types, health experts, social workers, older professionals, scientists (some really intelligent and others too intelligent fo their own good), political novices and dinosaurs.

The one thing I learned was not waste my time trying to motivate anyone to do anything, that they did not want to be doing in the first place.

I learned how to get to "really knowing them", by understanding what motivated them and then helped them direct that energy towards bringing out their best efforts and talent.

No one can instill motivation - but a smart leader will be able to find where it resides and will know how to best channel it.

Forget motivation - INSPIRE.

In the end you will find that the journey will be truly satisfying and a success filled one for everyone involved.

Make it a great dia!

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