Time to find your new livelihood.

I have always enjoyed what I have been blessed to work at.

I take the approach that if I am to do anything, I first want to do something that will bring me satisfaction and two that I can do it with "Corazon" or heart.

"Work" as a word almost seems negative - so what I reccomend you do is to translate that into "livelihood."

"Livelihood" sounds so much more positive and inviting.

I have even had a couple of jobs (I must admit that I have been blessed to have only held five in thirty years - three if you count the mergers of two of these companies) that I felt were vocations.

Jobs I was called to do - where my inner voice called me to doing.

What are you doing at the moment?

Are you settling for a career devoid of satisfaction and joy?

Why would you choose to not follow your heart's desire towards a more satisfying life?

What path would you take if you were to follow it?

Today you must begin the day by listening for clues to where your inner voice is directing you to.

Make it a great dia!

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