Do not hold on...

Sometimes things in our life fail to work as they once did.

We awake shocked to find that what once ran expectedly smooth is failing or worse broken.

We'll fight to keep it going - to revive it... doing everything in our power to keep it going.

What we end up doing is wasting precious time that could best be used to find a new way of doing something.

Wasting time that could be better spent learning a new way of doing something or accepting our new reality.

All we end up doing is creating more stress in our lives and feeding into our frustration and disappointment.

I think that everything has a set life span.

We and everything around us comes with an expiration date.

We can't refocus your sight on the future, if we are bearing down on the past.

Sometimes we just have to let go of it, before we can move on.

Do you have anything that has outlived it's time?

Something that is no longer useful and viable in your life?

Do not hold on to it!

Make it a great dia!

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