Might only be a couple of noisy frogs...

A friend of mine Vin in India sent me this folk story to share with you.

A farmer went to town and asked the owner of the local seafood restaurant if he could use a million frog legs.

The restaurant owner was delighted to hear about this potential money making opportunity. 

But he needed to know just how the farmer would come up with so many frog legs?

The farmer replied, "There is a pond near my house that is full of frogs - millions of them.

They croak all night long and their noise is about to drive me crazy!"

So the restaurant owner and the farmer negotiated a deal.  

The farmer would deliver five hundred frogs at a time every week, for the next several weeks.

The first week, the farmer returned to the restaurant looking rather sheepishly, he was carrying only had two scrawny little frogs.

The restaurant owner was surprised and asked, "Well... where are all my frogs?"

The farmer replied, "I was mistaken.

There were only these two frogs in the pond.

But they sure made a lot of noise!"

The moral of the story is that you should never believe what you hear.

It's probably just a couple of noisy frogs.

Make it a great dia!

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