My 50 cent book...

There is a lot we can do to be happier, more satisfied or more content with the life we live.

We all have a lot more control over the quality of our lives. 

I like to write down the things that I can be grateful for.

Lately I've had to really dig deep due to the mourning and grief which has at times overshadowed my gratitude.

On these days I bring it down to - giving thanks for my good health, my son, my loved ones, the family, Parker, my home and my friends.

I happened to go to a yard sale a couple of blocks from my home this past weekend and ran into a gratitude journal called Simple Abundance.

I couldn't wait to get home and write my thoughts in it.

It is a really neat guide, that uses simple exercises to identify the simple things around us that bring us harmony, happiness and joy.

You can't imagine the change I feel inside when I am grateful.

This .50 cent book has pushed me to give thanks each day.

To acknowledge the abundance that exists in my life.

Especially if one focuses on the abundance rather than on the lack of things in our life.

I remember my Viejita's advice on life that said, "The more you are grateful for, the more will be given to you."

I am a witness to that.

We can create our own destiny.

We are architects of the design plan and blueprint for a better tomorrow.

Taking time to acknowledge our abundance creates a sense of fulfillment.

It is gratitude at work.

We can transform our dreams into reality.

Make it a great dia!

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