Holding close what's dear...

What is grief?

I wonder how long it will be with us?

Grieving takes time they say.

I really wish I knew what the right amount of time the process of grieving took.

I am not in any hurry - but some days its difficult to hear my loved ones mourn.

"How long is grieving supposed to last?"  they ask?

I know that somehow in time we will break free of the heartache. 

Through time, grace and our Faith we will end up creating the perfect amount of space needed to hold on to the memory of what’s dear.

Holding close what's dear and yet never losing ourselves to it.

But what if we just can’t let go?  

What if we don't want to let go?

Fearing that letting go may somehow also take with it the love and memories of our loved ones.

Then again, it only makes sense that if we can’t let go of our heartache, it will end up holding on to us.

We will then become what we behold.

As sad as it all is, I believe that If we continue to hold onto the mournful past, we will perpetually feel as though a part of us is also dying.

I doubt Roberto and Rodolfo would have ever wanted that for us.

Make it a good mourning dia!

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