It's all about how one perceives LIFE.

It is all aboout how one perceives LIFE.

We are surrounded by abundance all the time.

We just need to stop and notice.

And be grateful.

I think you will like this affirmation by Frederick Bailes.  

Read it slowly and allow each word to speak and manifest itself...

Begin each day by reading it before you get on your way to another day and see what a difference it makes....

“This day I move in a bright new world, which is the reflection of my innermost thoughts and beliefs.

Consciousness is the only reality; experiences are only the shadow thrown by this reality on the screen of my mind.

This day I consciously and deliberately align myself with Supreme Consciousness.

It always moves in right action;therefore,my affairs this day partake of that all-inclusive principle of right action.

I am surrounded by a circle of protection; the Knower within me guides me in all decisions;

The Law draws me to those persons, places, and things that tend toward my fullest benefit, and I in turn become a powerful blessing to all whom I meet this day.

I reject any belief in, or fear of, wrong action.

My body is a temple in which God dwells; all of His methods and activities are those of right action.

I welcome every one of these activities and throw myself wide open to them.

Nothing destructive can enter or operate within my body this day, for I am deliberately choosing the most constructive molds of thought.

I wish harm or sorrow to no one this day; all persons wish me well.

My business is indwelt and surrounded by right action.

The Knower in me gives me fresh,vital ideas; I meet nice people, make good contacts,close good sales because people like to do business with me.

My spirit sings this day, for I am filled with the consciousness of Life, a life that is more than physical.

I am tuned into every happy, healthy, successful person this day.

Their thoughts travel over invisible paths to me and mine to them. I draw strength from them and they from me.

I deliberately disconnect my mental pathways from those that are morbid or ugly, for I am alive only to Truth,Goodness and Beauty.

Nothing negative can find a foothold in me this day.

No doubt or fear can attach itself to me.

No accidents or mistakes can occur because I walk in a path of right action, both when I am thinking of it and when I am not.

I release myself and all my affairs this day to the perfect working of that Perfect Law, which turns these thoughts into things.

This word that I speak I speak not from myself.

It is the Word of the great God in me speaking Itself into my experience.

This word has All-Power to fulfill itself in my life and affairs this day.

It is the most powerful word in the universe. I release it to the Creative Law of Mind, fully confident that it is now being fulfilled.”


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