Keep your eyes on the summit...

This is an old story told to me by my dear Kickapoo friend Don Ramulo in the tiny settlement of Tamichopa.

There was once a young Tamichopa named Katuy who was famous for his attempts to climb the great mountain to the East.

Katuy had tried to climb it at least 10 times each winter, but each winter he had failed.

He always began the climb quite rapidly, with an eye to the snow high at the top.

He dreamed about the wonderful view and the feelings of freedom he would certainly feel - if he ever got to the summit.

But as he had done each time, he would grow tired and weary and start looking down at the ground and his old worn boots and sigh.

The only thing that surrounded him were hundreds of magnificent clouds.

He also understood that today he would not enjoy the view from the top.

He would find a large rock to sit on to rest; catch his breath and then start the long descent back to the village.

As expected his fellow villagers would be greeting him with jokes and ridicule.

Katuy knew it would be another humbling experience for him once again.

One of those times as he was about to try "the climb" and he was stopped by old man Pesiquia (the medicine man) of Tamichopa.

He had witnessed Katuy’s many failures.

Yet it was Pesiquia who had most encouraged Katuy to try again.

This time he gave him some black framed Rayban sunglasses, saying, “If you begin to lose your will or if your feet start to weigh you down just put them on.”

Pesiquia then added a word of encouragement and said, “Remember these are special glasses and they will help you reach the top every time.”

Katuy accepted the gift and tucked the glasses away in his satchel.

Without giving them much importance he ran off to start his climb.

Half way up the mountain his boots started to feel heavy and soon his feet were throbbing with pain to the point where he could not take another step.

Then he remembered the black framed Rayban’s.

The pain was still there and very painful, but looking through the dark sunglasses he could clearly see the snowy Summit at the top of the glasses. 

So he was forced to look through the top of the glasses and he kept climbing.

In the past his bad luck appeared again right in front of him in the form of clouds.

This time they were not as thick and he could still see the Summit!

Katuy continued scaling upward past the clouds, he even forgot his feet were in pain and before long he had reached the top!

The pain and time spent climbing had all been worth it!

The sense of triumph was incredible, almost as incredible as the wonderful mountain top view.

There he stood embraced by the silence as he towered over the hundreds of smaller mountain ridges surrounded by a dense sea of white clouds.

Katuy did not remember the clouds ever being so thick; then he looked at his sunglasses carefully and understood everything.

Pesikia had blackened the bottom half of his special glasses, which forced him to direct his eyes upwards through the top part of the sunglasses.

Old man Pesikia knew that as soon as Katuy lost sight of the summit by getting distracted, he would lose the will to keep climbing and forget his objective.

Katuy now realized that the only obstacle stopping him from reaching the Summit had been his own doing.

He had always become discouraged as soon as the mountains disappeared.

He always got distracted due to his feet pain and grew tired from the climbing and ended up giving up.

This time he thanked Pesikia for making him see that his objective had never been impossible.

His objective had always been in front of him.

He just had to remember to never lose sight of them.  

Make it a great dia!

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