On the way to good mourning...

We all experience grief, loss and mourning.

As you know my family's been traveling that path since July 28th.

We all have experienced loss or have been around someone who may have.

Somehow we know to empathize and acknowledge the pain but keep it at a distance.

It is only when we are faced with our own loss, that it becomes much more personal in spirit and a process we are forced to endure.

We rarely turn to a clinician or some sort of psychiatric treatment, one filled with anti-anxiety or anti-depressant formularies. 

The moment we are beset by the suffocating gloom of life's shrouded desolation...

 We lean on that one shoulder, the heartfelt love and the solace of a friend's or loved one's compassion to help us through our darkest night.

Its a path that we are all destined to follow at some point in our lives.

How we travel on this journey and whether we are resigned to the loss or abruptly put on an unavoidable path - we have a choice of sorts.

We can travel alone or with the solace and comfort we will find in others.

I can only tell you from my experience that the burden you will carry, if shared with a compassionate soul or a caring heart will undoubtedly make it feel lighter.

If you can allow them to shoulder some of your pain, it will really help in alleviating some of it in you.

You must reach a point in time when its best to open up your fragile heart and allow them to enter or risk being all consumed with pain.

The indescribable pain you feel; because of the loss you've suffered, is a horrific suffocating sensations that will seem to accompany you from sun up to sun down.

You must try to be open to talk about your loss.

To have those tearful memories come forth - and the pain drawn out.

Allowing the unimaginable achieve reality. 

We all know or have read that it is typical to experience denial, anger, depression, and self-blame at such a time.

The loss and the mourning you are enduring will one day transform and provide you with the comfort, consolation and hope that you seek.

I invite you to accompany me on this blog as we share that journey.

One which will one day lead us to understanding, peace, and healing.

It won't be easy.

I know that there are no quick fixes or easy solutions.

It is a journey that we will take together, sharing our tears along the way.

A melancholic pilgrimage to a "better mourning", and a new path.

A path on a journey that you do not have to take alone.

Today I ask you to join me in route to that place where HOPE never died, COMPASSION never slept...

and where LOVE is eternal.

Make it a great dia!

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