We are life and life is limitless.

Lately my grieving process has included quiet late evening walks around my neighborhood.

I have a large park, two creeks and a pond nearbye that I had never walked bye.

Walking trails and a large park that I've driven by many, many times.

So I've taken to walking alone late in the evening.

Breathing the night air, stopping at times to star at the moon and mainly taking in the gentle quiet around me. 

Taking deliberate steps and ever mindful what's around me.

The sadness inside somehow weighs less during these solemn moments.

My heartache though still raw, tends to lift slightly away from my soul.

I love that I can be alone in such a big open space. 

As I concentrate on my dark surroundings, I soon am guided by hundreds of fire flies lighting the western edge of the park.

Walking through the park I soon begin to hear the evening's symphony, with the cricket and cicada seranade. 

Their soft but ever-present buzzing, chirping and whirring sounds fill the air and embrace me. 

Every evening I am being healed by the miracle of Peace.

I love my walks and can begin to see that even in the worst of times one can find Peace and Tranquility if we look for it.

We just have to peel away the heartache that insulates us - break out of those barriers that encapsulate us.

We have to understand that we are not some lonely entity traveling through time, alone. 

We are infinitly cared for and nurtured by our higher power.

We are LIFE.

And LIFE is as limitless as one makes it.

Make it a great dia!

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