You will not fail...

We all experience trying times – some of us a lot will experience truly difficult or painflul times.

To overcome any obstacle one's mindset must be set on never giving up.

I believe that we all have the inert power to manifest the postive in our lives.

I always begin by making a pact with myself.

One where I tell myself each morning upon awakening outloud, "Buenos Dias WORLD, I will never give in."

Even if I am blindsided or hit so hard that I end up literally on the ground.

I tell myself, "I will do all I can to stand back up."

If some of you are fortunate to never have been in a funk or a tough spot - then you really are blessed and fortunate.

For the rest of us - you have to envision yourself in a deep hole.

It's dark and uncomfortable and it seems like there is no place to go.

Then add to the scene with a bright light shining all around you and see yourself  triumphantly climbing out.

Yes, we have all been there.

Athough Life’s trials may tear us down - remember they are all temporary.

Fateful tribulations may conspire against us but we have to keep on going.

We have full control over our lives -  we can manifest our own destinies.

In LIFE there will always be obstacles as well as battles to fight.

We won’t win all of them but, you have to go in always giving it your best.

In the end you will experience the "audacity of self will."

Laying the foundation for the fight ahead and never having given in.

In the end you will not fail, because you never gave up.

Make it a great dia!

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