Being happy and having more?

There are many views on "having" and "hoping."

I actually simplify it in my day to day life.

One I believe says that LIFE is all about personal growth and reaching beyond our limits.

You know the saying, "I'm reaching for the stars!" 

And the other tells me to embrace my current spiritual state. 

The one that tells me to continue to this path.

The one that leads one to find satisfaction, happiness and love with the gifts that we have already been given.

Still I believe that we all can have both.

That we can be happy with our careers, our life and the relationships that come with it.

But yet there isn't anything wrong in trying to improve on all of them.

There can be a healthy balance between what we have and what we want.

What brings you happiness?

What areas in your life, your current financial state and other things could you improve?

I honestly think that we should always have something to do..

someone to LOVE...

and that we should never stop ourselves from having something to HOPE about.

Make it a great dia!

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