A compassionate heart...

One of my favorite and most interesting of all my favorite persons, is Albert Einstein.

Sure he was quirky, but he understood the affect we have amongst all living creatures, better then anyone.

He once wrote that, "We are delusional (as in us human beings) if we think we are separate from the rest of nature."

He urged everyone to embrace their unique connection to all living things.

He said that to be able to "feel" compassion, to understand and feel affection for every living being...  we needed to cultivate compassion within oursleves.

I totally agree - we all have to be more open and less defensive with one another.

If we are unable to let go of our need for security, we will end up walling ourselves off from the very thing that, inevitably is our real protection.

Be OPEN and allow others in..

How open are you? 

How compassionate?

Do you allow others to touch your heart? 

Make it a great dia!  

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