Finding forward momentum in Life...

Optimistism is contagious. 

Optimists tend to see challenges as temporary and somewhat specific in nature.

We (I tend to think I've always been one) focus on achieving short-term objectives, before taking on the long termed ones.

We tend to see obstacles merely as yield signs rather than say a stop light. 

Instead of resisting a challenge, learn to lean into it - push through.

Ask yourself, "What is the lesson I am supposed to be learning?"

Don't waste time resisting or trying to find a way to explain your obstacle.

It will be temporary so choose your next action.

Successful people I've met hold a bias for pushing forward and are committed to action. 

So find your mojo, be inspired and focus on your challenge ahead...

and before you know it you'll feel like you have unstoppable forward momentum.

Make it a optimistically great dia!

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