Hopeful for a new dawning...

Our family continues to grieve from the murder of two loved ones...

Death is a always hard to accept.

Difficult to understand, even in the most expected of situations. 

Murder on the other hand is incomprehensible.

The word "murder" conjures up an incredibly inconsolable type of emotion.

Murder devastates.

I can only tell you that there is also tremendous anger, the sheer feeling of helplessness and deeply felt impotence.

The uncontrollable rage creates a mountain of emotions that are sure to be dragged along one’s grieving process.

Desperate emotions that undoubtedly will make it that much harder to heal from.

All the conflicting emotions one can think of come at you from every direction and at any given time.

Through prayer and reflection maybe one overcomes the guilt, the great sense of regret, even blame and tries to put out the white hot raging anger within?

You may find that you eventually get over the shock, but try as you may you will never, ever understand why.

Their deaths were not some random accidents.

Maybe then it would have been easier to accept.

As random as a run away train hitting their stalled car... a sudden landslide... even falling into a sink hole, kind of random.

Then maybe, just maybe it would all be easier to understand.

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