Make it a mourningful dia!

It's strange to mourn someone you never actually knew.

Yet this morning I feel an immeasurable sadness that I cannot put into words.

The people dying in the streets of Ciudad Juarez now approach 2800 murdered since Jan. 1st, 2010.

10,035 people have been murdered throughout Mexico, since that very same day.

Each were innocent, their only fault was having been born or for having lived in Mexico.

276 were under the age of 18.

647 were women or Mothers.

They all transcended the "online" and "live" news feeds we read each day.

They are sadly being mourned by many of their loved ones.

When it will all stop?

That's anyones guess.

The Mexican Government has killed or apprehended five of the top drug cartel bosses but the violence continues. 

This morning, I send my condolences to their loved ones, their families and friends..

This morning I am also praying for Mexico and its leadership.

Make it a dia of prayer! 

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