Tiny tears are beckoning our conscience.

And so my pulse quickens... whispers ring loud in my ear... " Release all that you are made of!"

Will you?

It's time to beckon others to battle.

Call on good people to help create a new start.

The necessary new begining of the children of the massacred.

Let us illuminate their paths, now darkened.

That they can one day forgive the very evil that tried to decimate their existance.

Calling on good people to find that commonality; the one heartbeat they share,

with the 10,000 children left behind in Ciudad Juarez.

Tender lives teathered to heartache and forever scared by the final gaze of their dying parent. 

They are now broken, innocent children living a desperate nightmare.

All hope lost with no one there - nothing left of what might have been.

But through you flows a lifeline... through you we can lift up those children.

We can be a part of their lives - bringing them HOPE.

We will redeem humanity in those tiny gentle eyes.

We can begin to illuminate their world.

The estimated 10,000 ophaned children of Cd. Juarez are in jeopardy of becoming part of the cycle of violence that took their parents lives.

They are and will need psychological and psychiatric help.

Share with me your talents and your gifts, so that we can create a foundation that will save these children in Cd. Juarez, Mexico.

Together we will create a social assistance network, one capable of guiding them to fulfill long term educational opportunities.

These orphaned children in Mexico have had their lives decimated by the drug cartel violence.

Their lives are in peril and they need you.

Will you help me - help them?

And so your pulse quickens... whispers ring loud in your ear... "Release all that you are made of!"

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