Today I am working to forgive.

In life there is no getting past heartache unless we forgive.

In life one is considered extremely fortunate if they have not experienced some sort of break up, a divorce or  some type of failure or a loss.

Yet when one refuses to forgive, we end up staying imprisoned by that experience.

If we can't let go of the past, we will forever be chained to that anger and resentment.

One must work to find forgiveness.

Forgiving, not just those that may have wronged us, but forgiving ourselves for not having the conviction and courage to untether ourselves from the source.

Who am I kidding, forgiving is the most difficult things one will ever do..

It requires honest and courage..

And a lot of open and honest dialogue at your core.

Dialogue that leads to negotiation for an unconditional pardon.

An unconditional pardon that won't keep score or have memory.

This is not an easy road to travel for sure. 

But  to face it, accept it and embrace it is well worth the effort.

If we refuse to forgive, then we are destined to relive the pain.

And time and again and little by little, it will eventually kill our spirit.

Today I am working to forgive.

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