It's a beautiful Christmas morning. Feliz Navidad! 

This day in particular moves me come to terms with a lot of my past and look at my life with new spirit and eyes.

It’s a reminder that I must close the past chapter and move on to the next.

It was time of tough sowing and of good harvests, months in time that brought us losses but also new births and additions to the family and other personal successes. 

The balance of our LIVE'S often times rests on our results.

But what do you keep?

What do you let go of?

Just as we've cleaned up and prepared for our loved ones and friends that came over to our homes for Christmas; let's also see what else needs cleaning up in our lives, and in our hearts.

What other regrets or relationships can we let go of or improve... and more importantly in what ways will we approach situations in the future.

Today let's restructure our steps to achieve true unity within ourselves, with the people in our world around us and the global neighbors that share this same earth.

Let's work to nurture LOVE, especially within us - for if you love yourself, you will always have the ability to love others.

We too easily forget that how we love and treat others is how we will be reciprocated in kind. 

Christmas maybe just a traditional shopping and gift giving time for some..

For others it's a sentimental and emotional feeling.

Still others see it as an earthly vibration that unites the world and brings the peace, the tranquility and joy unfelt at other times of year.

Although I don't ordinarily bring religion into my writings - as I have many friends who are Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim and Hindu… please allow me to today.

First let me say I've been grateful to have celebrated some of your special holidays with you.

Moreover, today I write about what this HOLY day means to me and how it manifests in my LIFE.

To share with you the love and the feelings it provokes and nurtures within me and how it allows me to share with my loved ones, family and friends.

To me Christmas is a time for reflection and at a greater depth a spiritual rebirth in all Christian spirits.

To all kindred spirits - you may also take advantage of this positive energy to explore the labyrinths of your thoughts and spirit to learn and transcend, to continue to change and evolve for the better.

May LOVE be a center part of this Christmas season, and may it be present in your life and fill you with the same intensity forever.

May the new year be filled with happiness and the motivation to get to where you've always wished for.

Christmas is for Christians the biggest of all celebrations.

It's a special time of the year that serves to remind us about that one child being born in a manger.

It puts into perspective Christ’s coming, and our desperate need for forgiveness and forgiving others.

Jesus came to bring a great light into our lives.

He came to dispel the darkness in humankind and replace with the light of joy and the radiance of His everlasting peace.

Years later I still kneel at the cross.

I "Let God and let Go."

I lay all my troubles in his hands - I keep hold of my Faith and pray that no matter how difficult this earthly journey gets that I trust I will have Him at my side.

I look to him, and trust him completely every day for my forgiveness and my healing.

Today I still miss my childhood memories and those beautiful Christmas mornings spent with all of my siblings and parents as we shared Christmas.

This Christmas morning I miss my parents and family members who are now passed on.

By God’s grace I hope to see them again and we will be together in the presence of our Lord

Christmas matters to me because truth matters.

And at the heart of the truth is that our God never leaves us to face the world's troubles alone.

Christmas is all about love, about forgiveness and about who we are, who God is and how far God will go for us.

Feliz Navidad Amigos, thanks for being my friend and inspiring me to write you another blog entry.

May God bless you and your loved ones this Christmas.

May the spirit of Christmas live within you.

May Christmas live through your actions and your generosity of the heart and actions the whole year through.

So leave aside the stresses of everyday life, if just for one day.

I pray that this Christmas inspires in you the sense of unity and solidarity.

A sense of unity reborn through your good deeds, and generousity of the heart.

May it be shared with your loved one, your friends and acquaintances today and all of your tomorrows!

I wish you my most humble and sincere BEST WISHES!


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