Just grateful to be grateful...

Some days like today, I am just grateful that I have so much to be grateful for.

I woke up early, went on my morning walk with Parker and throughout my walk I gave thanks.

I truly am grateful for everything!

I've read many years ago that when we focus on the good, we invite more good into our lives.

My Viejita would always say, "May God give you more so you can give more to others."

I believe that by being grateful we attract more positive experiences into our lives. 

It also makes room in our own hearts and allows good things to flow in and out of our life. 

With our own gratitude we remind or teach others to express their gratitude.

Don't be afraid of reciting out loud all the things that you are grateful for.

Make it your daily affirmation.

Remember that  your breath is the vehicle of your spirit.

Whether at school or at work - express your gratitude to your peers, your management, or your customers.

Everyone likes to feel appreciated and it truly reinforces at the very least, the "positives" in all of your relationships.

Have a grateful moment and a grateful dia!

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