A lesson well learned.

All of LIFE's lessons are learned.

Lessons whether painful or educational come most often from some sort of change.

Quite often we go through life events that cause us to feel fear, trouble or instability -  but it's all about how we perceive that change.

The stability begins as soon as we welcome it and it is this growing process where we attain the wisdom from each lesson.

Socrates was quoted, "Wisdom or the perfection of the soul is unattainable but it doesn't mean that trying to attain it, is meaningless.

Instead, it is the best thing a man can do in his life."

I totally agree, so let's get this straight... we all know that we do not know long our earthly journey will be.

So given that...  should we be waiting till the brink of our deaths, to ask ourselves how great our lives were?

Heed your lessons, make those changes - live your LIFE.

Death is not something we should fear, if we have lived our lives with purposeful meaning and gratitude.

Make it a great dia!

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