Mapping 2011.

Have you ever wondered what's ahead for you in 2011?

The new year will bring many new twists and turns.

Life after all is like a new road you've never been on.

Would you just drive forward?

Would you do some planning and map your journey?

Do you just plan on taking it where it leads you?

Driving forward with no set expectations and sense of direction is not

only precarious but meaningless.

Set goals, measure the distances and map your route.

Add expected time for sight seeing and detours.

Why not plan on enjoying the journey instead of driving blindly to

your end destination?

We've heard the old saying, "Life is a journey, not a destination."

Setting the expectations, defining your goals and rewards create

a sense of accomplishment.

It also instills the persistence needed to keep you heading forward even

under unexpected hazardous driving conditions.

Without knowing where you are headed you create uncertainty.

Expecting challenges and pit stops to reset your course are not only

necessary but vital to reaching your destination.

Keep an open mind and heart and enjoy the drive.

Make it a great dia!

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