Present moment.

As the holidays approach I see that the strides that people around me are taking, are at a much faster clip.

Even their gait is more forced and I can sense their stress.

I understand that the holidays can be stressful with so many different demands in our lives.

I also know that we all have our own crosses to bear, but why not lighten the load?

There are many things we can do to lighten the load.

First we all have control over the speed of our lives.

We can easily slow down the pace and take in and enjoy these holidays. 

The second tip and important for both our mind and body's sake, is to quit mourning for the past.

The past is done - it's is now behind us - good or bad it is a memory.

Next comes a careful balancing of our worries regarding the future... yet not working ourselves up by anticipating exaggerated troubles.

The secret to is to enjoying each day is to "live" in the "present" moment, wisely and earnestly. 

When we lean on Hope, we add another self defense quality that makes the "present" moment less difficult to bear.

If we can BELIEVE that tomorrow will be better; than no matter what comes at us, we will be better able to bear a hardship today. 

There is power in always trying to live in the "present" moment.

I read a quote once that said,"If you are not living in the moment, that moment is leaving you in a moment." 

I believe that the ONLY moment in which we can truly be happy and have control over, is the this one - the "present" one.

So let go of any negative or depressing thoughts and be happy now!

Then we can extend that moment to the next and on and on... till we have a thousand moments.

Because if you can't be happy for a moment, then when will we start to be?

Make it a great dia!

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