Setbacks are temporary blessings.

Christmas is almost here and I feel re-energized.

I am present and living in this moment.

Everything that comes into our lives should be enjoyed, at the moment it comes because it may be gone soon.

Everything big or small becomes a blessing.

Even when we are experiencing a life's moment in adversity or difficulties, we know that they are not permanent and it's certainly not the end.

It is during this experience that we need to view it as a blessing as well.

It's just one "temporary blessing" in disguise.

We need to see through the darkness in search of the light, that we call HOPE.

Each day we end up learning more about ourselves.

The lesson and a chance to be mentally stronger, to take risks and become wiser.

It is an opportunity to move forward and view the past goodness as a vision of what we want for the present and our future.

Make it a great dia!

Feliz Navidad!

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