The sun will shine through.

Christmas makes me even more sentimental.

Sure I can be tough and I am confident that I can handle just about any situation; but the situation in my beloved Mexico, is depressing.

I keep hoping that the cartels die off, that justice finally prevails... sadly I have even prayed for a truce between all warring gangs.

"There ain't no cloud so thick - that the sun ain't shinin' on the other side."

I don't know where I read that quote - maybe at Tombstone's OK corral, but it is one that came to mind.

The suffering in Cd. Juarez continues.

This year alone there's been 3108 people killed due to the on going drug war between the cartels.

Maybe one day the children and the innocent lives that muster their courage and will, just to survive here will enjoy the peace and tranquility they once had.

It also reminds me of another quote one that says, "Do not protect yourself by a fence, but rather by your friends."

As neighbors, I am more concerned as to why we have not done more to help Mexico?

Today I wish for prayer and a more peaceful dia!

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