Turning to the author of comfort.

Do you ever struggle with situations in life and question why things are happening to you?

I am sure we all have.

It's easy to begin to doubt or even lose confidence in your belief systems.

Especially if faced with traumatic life changing experiences, like losing a loved one, your job or your home.

Uncertainty tends to create even more painful discomfort.

One thing I've learned and that's worked for me is to always turn to prayer, meditate or something as simple as calling a loved one and just listening to words of encourgement.

I read once that if we spent more of our lives in touch with the "author of comfort", we would live a more tranquil, peaceful and settled existence.

Maybe it's time you evaluate where you are spiritually.

Next time you are in a quiet place, at peace with yourself or alone try releasing any unsettling thoughts, your heartache and grief.

I have found that when we doubt or dismiss the existence of a higher power in our life, we tend to become overwhelmed.

You are never truly alone.
I have come to know that we can erase the pain in our lives, no matter how permanent the ink.

Your higher power is the one who can help lift you out and guide you through the darkest of times.

Let GO and let GOD.

Make it a new dia!

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