Uncovering our inner truth.

The holidays are here and many of us turn to reminiscing of the cherished memories of the past.

It's a great time to reflect on what is important.

Although it's also a time to see the best in others.

We might just begin by looking inward.

When we are not living in sync with our core's truth; we tend to feel out of sorts, displaced, much like a ship without a compass.

The deepest truth is one that lies deep within us and yearns to be set free.

One if released - speaks volumes to the harmony we richly deserve.

Some of us take longer then others in allowing life to teach us important truisms.

That maybe we are not living true to our being.

Yet, every waking moment it is present - sharing with us life's road.

When we ignore our calling, our purpose, or our truth... nothing is in harmony.

The only real question is when are we going to openly and honestly allow ourselves to be "one" with our core truths.

You could start by asking yourself, "What purpose am I not fulfilling?"

What is missing in my life?

What am I failing to create in my life?

Are we even willing to listen to your inner voice?

I believe that until we are conscious of our internal message... on what and why we do the things we do - we are prisoners to our own unconscious motivations.

We are not only holding ourselves hostage but our loved ones as well and potentially those around us.

It's hard to be still - to quietly focus on our lives when we think we have no time and are rushing through our day.

But, I am hoping that you'll take a moment at the start of this new week and take an honest look at your life.

What are you fulfilling in your life?

Are you being honest to the person that matters most?


Do you live a life of love or fear, peace or conflict, joy or sorrow of dreams or limitations?

How far will you go to uncover your truth?

Make it a great dia and week!

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