We're similar to a tuning fork.

I've been listening to a lot of music lately - mainly old Christmas classics and my other favorites types like Mariachi and symphonic marches.

So it was quite a surprise last night when I ran across an old tuning fork.

It was from my childhood years when I played several brass instruments.

I was quite an accomplished euphonium, baritone and valve trombone musician.

As a Freshmen in high school I even earned the honor of playing as the first chair in the all state symphonic band.

But I digress - it made me think that we can't be less than who we are now.

We are just like that musical tuning fork - when you stike it against your palm and it resonates.

We can't achieve a tuning vibration, that is LESS than the tuning vibration that you achieved a moment ago.

That's is why we need to seek opportunity in any failure.

If we achieve something - big or small and then for what ever reason it is lost, we are like that tuning fork.

We still have the ability to resonate that same vibration that we've achieved before.

Whatever success or progress we made will come back again.

We still have that same energy like that tuning fork.

We never lose what is inside of us… think BIG - think POSITIVE!

Make it a great dia!

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