When re-gifting is a great thing!

I don't know about you but lately I feel as if I am running on empty.

Moving, helping out with family affairs, my office obligations, extra dinners and social events to attend...

I am feeling rushed and almost forced to embark on a whirlwind of activities because of the holidays. 

Yet all of the added activities do nothing but add stress to our already fast paced lives.

Worse yet we tend to end up obligating ourselves to taking on even more.

STOP! Somehow we're forgetting the true meaning behind this holiday.

Why would we allow commercialization, to encroach on our lives in a way that we typically wouldn't allow any other holiday?

What if we were to take a breath, sit back and reflect on its true significance?

What if we would instead allow its beautiful meaning to illuminate our spirit? 

What if we beckoned Christmas to reside in our hearts every day? 

Allowing it to usher in a more faithful, loving and generous heart in all of us. 

What an amazing gift that would be.

Now that's a great gift, and one certainly worth re-gifting. 

Make it a great dia for re-gifting a little of our yourselves!

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