A planned break is a must...

I was headed home late last evening.

These days I am up and working seventeen to eighteen hour days.

As I rounded the corner to my neighborhood, a neighbor waved.

Suddenly the smile and the endearing wave brought me a respite from all that had crowded my space throughout the long day.

Soon I was home, (and though I am not a bath type of guy) I decided that was what the Dr. had ordered.

As I laid in my bathtub, I caught myself sighing.

Yes, some days we all just need a break from all of our worries.

A time to relax and de-stress.

A moment to give thanks for our well being and good health.

A day to reflect on all those things that are truly "the important things" in our lives.

Setting aside a special time to remember our past.

To thank our parents or those that raised us for their courage and dedication.

To call or reach out and give back to our brothers, and sisters the same loving spirit and closeness we've been given.

Same goes for our loved ones and close friends. 

To remember the experiences we shared together.

To give thanks; intimately acknowledging that a lot of who we are today, we owe to them and each other.

So forget your troubles - if just for one day.

Take a day off, a hot bath, spend more time with your kids, take a long walk with your loved one or the loyal mascot, or even feed the backyard birds.

Look forward to your tomorrow with genuine optimism.

Count your blessings and cherish life.

After all it’s the only one you've got, so let's make the best of it!

Make it a great día!

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