Coming full circle.

I’ve had an abundance of time these past few months to spend with my family, and with myself, reflecting and feeling.

Time we needed to grieve and mourn - and especially time needed to heal.

And with each passing moment, I have come more and more into myself.

I have learned more about myself in these past few months than I ever did in all my years in the military or the medical missionary work in the rugged sierra Madres.

I spent many days and nights searching for answers to the senseless murders of Roberto and Rodolfo.

Time that allowed the tears and the laughter and never ending stream of emotions to flow. 

Death touched the depths of my soul and carved painful grooves in my heart.

Leaving bits of recoded emotion in my mind.

These past few months and the total of the experiences helped me once again reconcile who I am and what I want my life to mean.

I want to add that I have been blessed with enjoying lasting friendships.

Friendships that made the past several months much easier to bear. 

Honestly, I am more fortunate then any one person can feel.

My family and those that know me will attest that I care, love and feel deeply on many levels.

That I am given to reflection - and introspection.

I am open minded and speak with candor and honesty.

My life has also been blessed with a couple of long term friendships.

Friends of more than twenty five years.

One an ex-Foreign Legionnaire and the other a drug and alcohol counselor.

The kind of friends who are supportive even when I've made them crazy with my interests, views and questions.

Yet they have been the kind of friends that are open to discussing a different point of view on religion, politics, history, culture, music and anything in between.

And many of the so called un-speakables too.

True and unconditional friends that aren't afraid of calling me out, even as they hold my hand off of my high horse.

Warm, positive, compassionate, tolerant, warm, considerate, loving and witty friends.

The kind of friends that appreciate ones gifts and openly share their own.

Amigos that have showed me; that a circle of true, deep and meaningful friendships do exist and that I am worthy of them.

For them I am grateful. 

Make it a great dia!

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