Happy New Year 2011!

Today is a NEW DAY and a NEW YEAR!

I don't have any deep thought out philosophical NEW YEARs' blog to post.

There would be too many things I could write about 2010 coming to an end.

I'm sticking only to the plain and simple…

2011 is a NEW start for all of our projects, GOALS and DREAMS.

A time to begin fresh with NEW ENERGY and HOPE.

A time to erase off the board all the old marks or mistakes.

A time to take NEW RISKS, to learn from them and GROW.

If you haven't been giving LIFE your all - now is the time!

If you are without a job or under employed then this year is it.

It is time to update your resume, or go back to school.

Link in and reach out to all your network of friends and ex-colleagues.

There are NEW opportunities waiting - you just have to dig harder.

It’s a NEW YEAR and time to pay off all your old debts - even the smallest ones.

At least make the extra effort.

Not just monetary ones - like I always say, "GIVE - LOVE - GROW!"

A NEW YEAR brings us new opportunities to DO MORE, BE MORE and GIVE MORE.


It's time to show people around you that YOU are going to be different - that you are bringing in the 2011.0 model.

If for whatever reason you've been miserable to those around you - you've been given a NEW YEAR to make amends and improve all your relationships.

Say the words "I LOVE YOU!", "I CARE!" and "I'M THERE FOR YOU!" every day.

"I'm Sorry" is old and that is now last year's phrase.

I wish you good HEALTH, a positive SPIRIT and PROSPERITY!

(For my beloved Mexico I am praying for PEACE).

So finally Amigos, one last word of advice... if you are not a morning person for whatever reason - than try and avoid loved ones and colleagues in the morning.

No one needs your grumpiness.


Make it a great new dia!

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