Humility is a good quality to have...

Sometimes it is ok to say, "I don't know." 

My Father told us that "The sun didn't rise each morning just to hear the roosters crow."

He was always praising the more humble.

Humility he would say "Helped us recognize who we were".

It reminded us of everything that we had received in life.

A humble person is grateful for their gifts and grateful with everyone he encounters.

Humility in many ways helps us to better recognize everything that we have received a long the journey we call LIFE.

The humble person accomplishes many great things... QUIETLY.

They are amiable, kind and cordial.

They are Generous.They make themselves available to others.

They are more giving... and always find ways to give of themselves.

Kind and gentle souls that share their LIFE with others.

They are more Tolerant, because they have at one time been shown forgiveness.

They live a simplicity... in all they do.

They can because they do not require or make superfluous exigencies.

They live with an open heart.

They can quickly uncover opportunities of need in their surroundings.

They GIVE because the more they give the more they get back.

Make it a humble dia!

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