Just 20 minutes...

In my early years I at times found it difficult to go about seeing my

personal vision and dreams.

It was difficult because, it was clear that I wasn’t anywhere close to

having all I wanted for my family.

Young, married and with a child on the way; the only thoughts were about

making ends meet and doing well in my coursework at Medical school.

Worry, stress and frustration along with a lack of sleep were a large part

of my daily life.

What I found worked, was to imagine that I’d reached all those goals by

helping others along the way.

I still get very inspired by thoughts of helping people grow.

I love encouraging others to live LIFE more consciously.

I like challenging people to grow and fulfill their own "best" destinies.

Thinking this way and taking this path has always inspired me to

expect the best not only in me, but in others.

I've come to learn that all I really need to be happy is to think about

what I want for others.

I dedicate time at the end of each day to give thanks and ask to be

shown ways to be a better man and leader.

The energy this meditative session creates is so nurturing that

just 20 minutes a day is sufficient to overcome any of my worried

thoughts, stress or frustrations.

Take just 20 minutes today and whether you use it to relax, meditate,

or pray I assure you it will give you a rejuvenating peace to face next

task or challenge. 
Make it a great día!

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