Justice Debts' main collector.

I was on the phone speaking with my niece last night.

She was calling for advice about letting go of the near constant thoughts about her Father's killers.

Who three and a half months later are yet to be identified or brought to justice.

She said she couldn't stop thinking about the tragic day or the mystery kidnappers.

Lately our tears have begun to dry but the sadness lingers. 

We talked for about an hour and we talked about the tragic ending and our sadness and also of the many happy memories he had left us.

We also talked about there being many ways of doing this.

Most have to do with extensive psycho- therapies and a regiment of psychotropic meds.

Just having a baby boy, neither of these solutions were of any interest to her.

We discussed a couple of other effective ways to quit playing the (mind) tape.

Another way to help us quit hitting the replay button for good.

I made the analogy of the way a business turns their delinquent accounts over to a collector.

I reminded my niece that we all have someone that we can hand over our "justice debts" to… God.

We have to put our actions to Faith, for it to work.

As they say "Let go and Let God." 

We have to trust that He will make things right.

He will erase our "justice debts."

In time those bad memories will not only fade but be lost forever.

The other way is to press the delete button of our mind and leave any troubling thoughts in the past.

We have to redirect our mind towards positive thoughts and our tomorrow.

Remembering that God has already given us a simple "thought fix" feature. 

Our minds are only capable of thinking about one thing at a time.

Make it a great dia!

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